Celldynamics aims to set a new standard for in vitro testing in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors with solutions designed for 3D cell models helping decision making through more reliable results

Founded in 2013, CellDynamics is now an italian SME based in Bologna and with two branches in Sicily and Sardinia. 

Today, our technologies are used by leading universities around the world working with 3D cellular models to increase the reliability of their results reducing experimental errors caused by the intrinsic heterogeneity of 3D cell models.

Celldynamics offers laboratory tools that combine fluidics, optics, and image-based software analysis for cellular spheroids and organoids. Our solutions are entirely conceived, developed, produced, and marketed by us and follow a rigorous process of evaluation and experimental verification.

We have a customer-oriented approach and we are attentive to the user feedback and we use this as a driving force for the continuous improvement of our products.

In Celldynamics, customers are partners.

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