Who we are

Celldynamics is pioneering a new benchmark in in vitro testing for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Our solutions, tailored for 3D cell models, are reshaping decision-making processes by delivering more reliable outcomes.

What We Do

We offer suite of innovative laboratory tools that synergize fluidics, optics, and sophisticated image-based software analysis. Our solutions are entirely conceived, developed, produced, and marketed by us and follow a rigorous process of evaluation and experimental verification.

Who We Serve

Our technologies are currently empowering top-tier universities worldwide to enhance the accuracy of their research with 3D cellular models, reducing experimental discrepancies caused by the natural variability of these models.

Our Approach

Celldynamics embraces a customer-centric philosophy, where listening to and acting upon user feedback is fundamental to our mission. We leverage this feedback as a key driver for perpetual product enhancement. In our view, customers are essential collaborators, integral to our shared journey towards innovation and improvement.

Let's Talk with us

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