Adipose Stromal Cell Spheroids for Cartilage Repair: A Promising Tool for Unveiling the Critical Maturation Point. Sargenti et All – 2023

Characterization of Perinatal Stem Cell Spheroids for the Development of Cell Therapy Strategy. Paris et All – 2023

Development of a high-throughput micropatterned agarose scaffold for consistent and reproducible hPSC-derived liver organoids. Shanqing Jiang et All -2023

Human Astrocyte Spheroids as Suitable In Vitro Screening Model to Evaluate Synthetic Cannabinoid MAM2201-Induced Effects on CNS. De Simone et All – 2023

A new method for the study of biophysical and morphological parameters in 3D cell cultures: Evaluation in LoVo spheroids treated with crizotinib. Sargenti et All – 2021

Celldynamics_w8_Pubblication_food chemestry

Manuka honey in combination with 5-Fluorouracil decreases physical parameters of colonspheres enriched with cancer stem-like cells and reduces their resistance to apoptosis. Cianciosi et All – 2022

The patented method of automated Physical Characterization of Colorectal Cancer Spheroids and Evaluation of NK Cell Infiltration Through a Flow-Based Analysis. Sargenti et All – 2020

A Reliable Flow-Based Method for the Accurate Measure of Mass Density, Size and Weight of Live 3D Tumor Spheroids. Cristaldi et All – 2020

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