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Today research absolutely needs 3D co-culturing systems, where cells can move, aggregate and even multiply. Since now, we could only take static pictures of cells, but with CellViewer I finally managed to observe co-culturing systems as they really are. I have believed in this technology since the beginning and I would highly recommend it.

Daniele Vigo - Full Professor of Veterinary Physiology at University of Milano

Cells were not born to live isolated, but in populations of single cells. Scientists must be given the right tools to study populations of cells. In this sense, CellViewer represents a break-through capable of changing the paradigm of scientific research to improve its medical utility.

Stefano Iotti - Professor of Biochemistry at University of Bologna

We are used to analyze cells adherent to the bottom of a well, but in nature embryos float. Thanks to CellViewer we were able to perform embryo cultures mimicking in-vivo physiological condition. Moreover, it allowed us to change the culturing media without taking out the embryo. This technology definitely represents a step forward in our sector, improving the quality of our job.

Lodovico Parmegiani - Advisor for In-Vitro Fertilization field

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