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16 luglio 2018

CELLviewer presentation

  CELLviewer raccontato da Daniele Gazzola (presidente di CellDynamics) e da Simone Pasqua (Founder e Product Menager di CellDynamics) con l’ intervento del Dr. Parmegiani (IVF Laboratory Director presso GynePro Medical Centers).

5 giugno 2018

In vitro generation of human pluripotent stem cell derived lung organoids

Recent breakthroughs in 3-dimensional (3D) organoid cultures for many organ systems have led to new physiologically complex in vitro models to study human development and disease. Here, Dye BR and colleagues from Department of Cell and Developmental Biology (University of Michigan Medical School) expose the step-wise differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) (embryonic and […]

19 aprile 2018


CELLviewer, a lab-on-a-chip technology for  and study of biological phenomena Purpose:  Single-cell analysis is a fast growing field with a high impact in the research community owing to its numerous applications including cancer research, diagnostic, and drug discovery. In this context, microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip technology have emerged as the most promising avenue to address these […]

13 aprile 2018

Microgravity as a biological tool to examine host–pathogen interactions and to guide development of therapeutics

Space exploration programs have long been interested in the effects of spaceflight on biology. Bacterial behavior has been shown to be altered both in space and under simulated microgravity conditions. In some cases, bacteria appear attenuated, whereas in others virulence is enhanced. The microgravity environment can be exploited as a tool in the search for […]